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Perfect Summer tunes

PerfectMoods summer lounge radio is chilling in the sun, with now over 10k hand selected tracks in our playlist; We've got the perfect summertime soundtrack for your next home party, cookout, or road trip (download our app if your on-the-move). Our Summer Playlists has something for everyone, with a mix of classic and contemporary chill hits that will keep you cool all season long. Whether you're looking for laid-back vibes or upbeat party anthems, we've got you covered. So crank up the volume and enjoy the perfect soundtrack for your summer adventures.

Here's what you'll find on our Summer Playlists Web Radio: • A mix of classic and contemporary lounge hits, from artists like Monte La Rue, Blue six, Jaffa, Tosca, Dzihan & Kamien and a lot of Fashion tunes from our PB shop-style. • Uplifting deep anthems and summertime jams • Relaxing instrumentals and chilled-out grooves • Something for every mood and occasion... So whether you're soaking up the sun or enjoying a lazy day by the pool, our Summer Playlists Web Radio has the perfect soundtrack for your summer. Tnx for listening, Peter. PS if you like us, please write a Google review for us. TNX!

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