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Classic album: Jaffa - Elevator

Jaffa's "Elevator" album has become one of our all-time favorites in the downtempo genre, with its light and breezy sound that has stood the test of time. The beautiful cover art also adds to the album's appeal. Jaffa's approach is distinct, incorporating warm and rounded keyboard textures and punchy midtempo beats. The title track is a smooth glide of fat Hammond organ chords, samples of children playing, and crisp drum programming, perfect for creating a sunny park ambiance. "Sneakin'" is a fun track that repurposes the beat from saxophonist Tom Scott's "Sneakin' in the Back" in a context closer to acid jazz than hip-hop. The vocal version of "Sneakin'" with lyrics from "God Bless the Child" adds to the album's charm. And while the phone prank on "Star 67" is a bit crazy, it's still a fun and funky beat.

Overall, "Elevator" is a unique and exceptional album in the downtempo genre that continues to captivate us. @Spotify please update the coverart to it's original! More info about the album

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