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Classic album: Beautiful Tomorrow

The album "Beautiful Tomorrow" by Blue Six is an Ibiza classic. Lounge-y, warm house-y music with positive energy in every track, making you think of beaches and sundowns or your perfect late-night vibes often associated with the genre and after-hours clubbing.

Musician, producer, and remixer Jay Denes, better known as Blue Six, was born in Newark, NJ. After moving to NYC, he released his debut full-length record on Naked Music, which was often remixed by a lot of artists. "Beautiful Tomorrow" delivered a super cool mix of electronic, soulful, and smooth jazzy sound. Released in 2002, it started a chill movement, and Naked Music was placed on the map.

Once again, the cover art on all 12-inch releases was beautiful, and Jay continued to release music as Blue Six until late 2010. We are still hoping Jay will make a 2020+ release again. I think the world needs this kind of tunes and perfect flowing music.

Overall, "Beautiful Tomorrow" is a classic and perfect album. More info about the album Not available on Spotify? But on rotation on PerfectMoods Webradio.

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