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About Perfectmoods

We started perfectmoods lounge webradio in 2017 with non commercial thoughts, but just for the love of lounge and chill music. We play quality lounge and chillout music (and more) from artists from all over the world, from established artists to upcoming artists, from ambient to downbeat, from chillout to nu-jazz, deep house and more. PerfectMoods Lounge Webradio started because we didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of finding a good (commercial free) radio station to listen to with allday relaxing tunes, so we decided to create our own non-commercial radio station in 2017. For over 5 years already you can listen to Perfectmoods lounge webradio everywhere and all around the world, The station is meant to be "mood perfecting," and that he chose the name PerfectMoods. Peter. Please write a Google review > We LOVE to hear you

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